About Us


Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co. Ltd. is a professional technology enterprises, engaged in research, product development, production and supply of styrene maleic anhydride SMA copolymers and new rare earth materials. It’s the only manufacturer of SMA functional resin in China, and also the first domestic enterprise with the aim to control the physical properties of rare earth materials.

Huawen has always focused on promoting technological innovation through special functional products and professional technical services to meet customers’ differentiated demands. At present, products are divided into two major categories, one is SMA series and HW functional resin series, which has been well received by the users at home and abroad. They mainly used as compatilizer or toughener of plastic alloy , heat resistant agents of engineering resins and alloy, and coupling agent of mineral reinforced resin.The other is new rare earth material, mainly used in the field of petrochemical catalyst, and it comes out the first in China.

Huawen is committed to becoming an expert supplier of functional polymers. On June 6, 2017, new factory was completed and put into operation in Jiaxing, which owns a production capacity of 9000 tons functional resin and 600 tons of rare earth catalyst per year.

In future, we will develop and produce more products to meet customers’ differentiated demands through our own R&D and application evaluation centers, universities and colleges at home and abroad, research institutes, and other platforms. We will realize our continuous innovation in fields such as rare earth catalyst technology, styrene functionalized polymerization technology, functionalized material extrusion reaction technology, etc.

Environmental friendly

The environment and safety is always the top management priority of Jiaxing Huawen Chemical, which is set up in accordance with the latest environment, safty and occupational health standards. With a total investment of around RMB10 Millions, we had our own sewage treatment plant, introduced the  most advanced waste gaspurification unit-RTO and with green coverage rate over 24%. Huawen is always committed to be a high technological environmental protection enterprise, which is responsible for employees, clients and society.


Company Vision: to build the company into an adaptive innovation company in the field offunctional polymers

Core values: as a person, be honest, cooperative, studious when acting, be serious, innovative, excellent

Management Philosophy: be simplified but not simple

Employing Concept: make good use of talents

Quality Policy: The future belongs to the quality leaders

Company Philosophy: amiability, honesty, diligence, obedience

Amiability: Treat others equally with sincerity, respecting others is also respecting yourself

Honesty: Honesty is the way of nature: acting with honesty is the way to achieve self-refinement, and a necessary quality of every person.

Diligence: Consider work as a career with the whole life to be successful

Obedience: Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Obey the tasks givenby the superiors, act in unison, obey without question, work in coordination.