Our company establishes the enterprise standard of SMA binary copolymer

2021-10-28 管理员 Read 117



After more than a year of operation, Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co., Ltd. established the enterprise standard of SMA binary copolymer according to the national standard. So, what are corporate standards?

 Product standards refer to the technical regulations for product structural performance, specifications, quality characteristics and inspection methods. It can specify the requirements that a product or the same series of products should meet to determine its suitability for use. Product standards can be divided into product delivery standards and product standards used in enterprises according to their functions. The product delivery standard refers to the basis for product production, delivery inspection, acceptance and arbitration inspection, and is the production enterprise's commitment to product quality responsibility to consumers and society.

    The product delivery standard must be a legal standard that meets the requirements of the Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China. Product delivery standards should comply with: a) mandatory national standards and industry standards; b) local standards related to safety and health requirements; c) recommended national standards, industry standards, and local standards implemented by the company’s declaration; Note: the company’s declaration system Refers to the standard used on the product or its packaging, product declaration, manual, quality certificate, packing list, delivery note, and label. d) Enterprise product standards. Including: 1) Enterprise product standards formulated when the product does not have national standards, industry standards or local standards; 2) In order to improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness, enterprises formulate stricter national standards, industry standards or local standards and serve as the basis for factory delivery 3) Supplementary provisions are made to national standards, industry standards or local standards, and are used as the enterprise product standards on which delivery is based.

   As the only SMA manufacturer in China, Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co., Ltd. has the responsibility and obligation to establish standards for SMA products. Among them, SMA binary copolymers, including SMA-700 (maleic anhydride content 18%), SMA-725 (maleic anhydride content 25%), are widely used as compatibilizers for ABS composite materials and their alloys, as well as for the expansion of nylon. Chain agent and ABS heat-resistant agent are the two main products that our company produces and sells. After the establishment of corporate standards, it will ensure the standardization of product production and the stabilization of quality, which will bring more stable and long-term value to customers.

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