Training briefing on the use of on-site fire protection and emergency equipment for new employees

2021-10-19 管理员 Read 1177

In order to further strengthen the safety management and safety education of new employees, and effectively improve the safety awareness and emergency response capabilities of new employees, combined with fire safety publicity, Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co., Ltd. launched on-site firefighting for new employees on the afternoon of April 19, 2019. And training on how to use emergency equipment.


In this training, EHS engineer Li Jinhui served as the main training lecturer, and the production supervisors assisted in the training. Firstly, through on-site physical display and explanation, employees can basically understand the use of various fire-fighting equipment and basic fire-fighting measures.

In the course of the explanation, the new employees combined their original fire protection knowledge, combined theory with practice, actively spoke and practiced, and the atmosphere on site was very active.

After the explanation, the new employees carried out actual combat exercises. During the process, each trained employee participated in the exercise and mastered the use of fire-fighting equipment. Be able to learn to use and be flexible.


During the exercise, different fire-fighting equipment and different fire-fighting methods were adopted in response to the different situations that may occur in each workshop. The various forms enable new employees to keep in mind and master the methods in actual operation.

This training has achieved excellent results, and all trained employees have mastered the corresponding skills. At the same time, talents were selected for the upcoming fire safety competition.