The power to race against typhoons

2021-10-28 管理员 Read 114

image.pngWhat kind of person is a role model?


       A role model may be more than a person, it may be a group, an event, as long as it can arouse everyone's attention and become a benchmark for everyone, this is a role model. Those who silently contribute to their posts, are down-to-earth, diligent and diligent, strive for self-improvement, and insist on being the best in their ordinary posts are role models.

       On the afternoon of August 15, 2018, we received a weather forecast from the Meteorological Observatory that this year's No. 18 typhoon will make landfall from the night of the 16th to the morning of the 17th. During this period, it will bring strong winds and continuous rainstorms to our city. As soon as Hu Kun, the inspection and maintenance department, received the information, he thought that the autotransformer of the rainwater pump at the gate of the company was burned out, the drainage system was in the maintenance stage, and the equipment ordered had not yet arrived at the factory. If the repair work cannot be completed before the storm, the company will be flooded with water. So I immediately reported to the senior leaders and decided to go to Wenzhou Yueqing factory to get the equipment immediately. At 3:30 in the afternoon, the driver Tao Lei drove with Hu Kun, but due to unsatisfactory road conditions on the Wenzhou section, he drove for 7 hours to reach the equipment manufacturer. In order not to delay time, they brought the autotransformer and drove back without stopping. Until I drove for 10 hours continuously, I couldn't resist exhaustion. After arriving at Sanmen at one o'clock in the morning, I had a short rest. After dinner, I had a short rest for three or four hours before continuing to race against the typhoon and rush back to the factory. As of 2 pm on August 16, Hu Kun had installed the new autotransformer before the storm, the drainage system resumed normal operation, and the company was ready to meet the typhoon!

Huawen will get better and better with the meager strength of advancing together.

      Do a job, love a job, work diligently, and work will naturally bring you a sense of accomplishment. As long as there is a proactive attitude, there is no goal that cannot be achieved. Do what we should do, do what we can, do our best, and be our best self. The word "best" means that today and tomorrow I am better, more confident, and more advanced than yesterday, that is, I am constantly climbing the ladder of my own success, and approaching the success of life step by step. 

      The road to success may be far away, but as long as you spend every day to the full, it is a kind of success. We should learn to turn our lofty ideals into concrete goals, live every day, be happy every day, and be our best self.


                       Issued by the Trade Union Committee of Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co., Ltd.