The full success of the start-up

2017-06-30 09:43:24 Jiaxing Huawen Chemical Co., Ltd. Read

    At 15:00 June 6th, 2017, Huawen chemical put the SMA(styrene and maleic anhydride copolymer) resin installation(9000tons/year) into commissioning. In the morning of 7th,  pelletizing system and air supply system got into normal performance and all the products reached the standard at 6:10 June 11st.


Meanwhile, the rare earth material installation(600tons/year) was brought into production and produced the qualified products on 8th, June.


  The normal operation of these 2 installations means the full success of the start-up.


Nearly two-and-a-half months after start-up, the products’ quality of huawen became more and more stable, which was a milestone in the history of Jiaxing Huawen.


In future, Huawen will innovate constantly, and create maximum value and service for our clients.