1#Slava Filimonov 2020-12-10 15:44:03
ContentDear Lindsay Liu! Let me introduce myself - my name is Slava Filimonov. I am an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan. I am interested in your production and especially products of series SMA. I need SMA as one of  the ingredients for production of gel for ultrasound diagnosis. I need  powder or crystals of SMA high whiteness, good solubility in water and alkalis. This requirement meets such products as SMA-125; SMA - 130; SMA - 150; SMA - 230; SMA - 700 and SMA - 725. To  selct an ingredient for production of the gel, I need samples of 40 grams each. Can you send me these samples for testing? With hope  for understanding and further collaboration
Admin ReplyDear Slava Filimonov, thanks for your inquiry. This is Lindsay from Jiaxing Huawen Chemical, we can provide these samples to you, pls send us your detailed contact information. I have also sent mail to you, pls kindly check your mailbox.
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