Our SMA is mainly used in modified styrene resin and alloy, such as glass fiber reinforced ABS, glass fiber reinforced AS, PC/ABS alloy, PA/ABS alloy, heat resistant ABS and so on. These materials are widely used in automobiles, household appliances and other fields, such as car rear view mirror housings, instrument panels, center stacks, rice cooker shell, air conditioner housings etc.

  • Coupling agent

    Hua wen SMA series can be used as coupling agent of glass fiber reinforced SAN resin, glass fiber reinforced ABS and other materials , which can help to improve the mechanical properties of materials, especially improve the notch impact strength and tensile strength.

  • Compatibilizer

    Huawen SMA and HW series can be used as compatibilizer of ABS alloys, such as PC/ABS, PA/ABS, PC/ASA, PA/ASA etc, to improve the dispersion state of dispersed phase, enhance adhesion of interface, and improve the mechanical properties.

  • Heat booster

    There are two types of heat boosters. One is for ABS, which can not only improve the heat resisting performance of ABS, but also keeping high fluidity. The other is for PMMA, which can improve the heat resistance of PMMA while maintaining the transparency.

  • Chain extender

    SMA-725 can be used as the chain extender and viscosifier of PA, which can help to improve the viscosity and mechanical properties.